The Key To Achieving Your Goals

At the beginning of every new year, new gym memberships peak because people make new year resolutions to hit the gym, shed the fat, trim the love-handles, and unmask the abs. They sign their membership agreements, hit the gym the first week, and then the sore muscles hit. So they decide to rest for one week before they go back to the treadmill. One week of rest becomes two weeks, they hit the gym once again and of course, the sore muscles come calling so they take another two-week rest, and perhaps add a couple more days. As the months go by, they keep paying for the gym membership but they find every excuse in the book not to go to the gym. You’d think paying for the gym will inspire some commitment but it just doesn’t, because commitment is more about a psychological commitment than anything else.

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Commit yourself to go through with the goals you have set for the year. Commit to them in your mind; commit to them by writing them down; commit to them by being realistic with how you intend to achieve them. Some people sign up to join gyms that are 30 minutes drive away, knowing fully well that they hate long drives, not to mention long drives with sore muscles. Some people set unrealistic goals such as losing 50 pounds in two weeks or finishing a six-month course in one month. Even with commitment, unrealistic goals make the process frustrating.

To achieve the goals you have set for this year, first ensure that you want them badly enough. Write them down, envision the finished picture, think about the impact it could have on your life, then ensure that the means to achieve them are realistic. Don’t be too hard on yourself by setting stringent goals. Take your time if you have to. It is better  to achieve the goal within a longer period than to get frustrated halfway because the means to the final destination are unbearable. XOXO