Life is Imperfect. Get On with it

I love love this song for one reason – it echoes a truth many of us are uncomfortable with. In this world of selfies, blessers, filtered photos and life masks, many of us aim to project our lives as perfect. Everyone wants the world to believe they are perfectly healthy, perfectly married with perfect kids, the perfect job, the perfect balance… the perfect lie. We are aiming for perfection that we cannot attain; although I must say we can come close enough if we just let our obsession with perfection go. We can let ourselves adapt continuously to every curve ball while evolving into the best version of ourselves we could ever be. No matter hard we try, strife and even plan, life will not be perfect. I hope this song makes your day. I can’t stop listening to it! XOXO my lovelies! I promise you a controversial roll-your-eyes at me blog post soon. Hehe!!!