“You Are Not a Wolf”

 I watched the Jungle Book in 3D over the weekend. It was so exciting watching one of my favourite Disney movies as a child come alive in 3D. Both my favourite songs were included in the movie so I could not fault it. I danced, wriggled in my seat, and lip-synced my way through the songs that reminded me of my care-free childhood days. But there was a lesson somewhere that I didn’t notice as a child. It was a simple sentence that sent ripple waves through my heart and made me think about how I’ve fought my battles until this day

You are not a wolf; you are a man. Fight like a man

Those were Bagheera’s words to Mowgli as Mowgli prepared to join the wolves to fight against Shere Khan. Those words resonated with me for one simple reason – many of us do not know who we are when we are faced with life’s battles.

So many of us are yearning to be accepted by our friends, our colleagues, even by strangers we hardly know, hence we copy their battle styles and try to incorporate them into our lives. Sometimes, we spend so much time around other people., we actually lose ourselves in the process. I remember feeling this way when I was asked a question in the presence of a friend, and I quickly reiterated her response for the sake of acceptance and some false sense of solidarity… and I know that I am not the only one who has done that at some point. Well, it’s time things changed.

The people in your life fight their battles the way they do because of who they are You must learn to fight your battles based on who you are. You must learn to accept that you are not like headstrong like Sally, or able to successfully fight with sarcasm like Jane. You cannot resort to punches and kicks as quickly as  Tom does, or bully others into respecting you like Harry does. The most important thing is that you accept who you are, and fight your battles based on who you are. Quit copying the styles of others; you will never win that way. Accept yourself and use our natural instincts and strategy. You can win in life if you quit copying how others fight. XOXO #MotivationMonday