Daily Devotional

Dedicate Yourself Fully

This morning I woke up to a realization that I seem to have a lot to do everyday, and somehow I manage to achieve to achieve them, but they are usually sent back by my boss to be re-done because he believes I can do much much better. Of course, that frustrates me every single time! Why can’t he just leave good enough alone? I’ve decided to stick to that level; why can’t he just go with that flow and let’s move on?

But this morning I woke up with guilt – guilt that I haven’t been putting myself fully into whatever I do. I haven’t been in every moment, because I have this thing in my head that says “Just get it over and done with so you can move on to something else”. But how can I really move on, when my half-baked work keeps chasing after me?

Over the weekend, I started reading “the purpose driven life” by Rick Warren, and something in it struck me. He said, and I’m paraphrasing here ‘Everything we do is a form of worship to God, even our work!’ He basically meant we have to do everything in our lives wholeheartedly, to the best of our ability. Just like we ought not worship God halfheartedly, we should aim to do everything else with full dedication and drive, as though we were doing them for God. Wow… #MindBlown


Many of us deliver half-baked work so we can move on even though there isn’t anything in particular we want to move on to. We spend hours sitting in front of the TV, and we are not even fully dedicated to that because we are too  busy staring at our cellphones (I’m really beginning to think cellphones are the enemy here). Even when we are with friends, we are not fully there. We are never fully where we are, or fully dedicated to what we ought to be doing because our minds are focusing on the unimportant stuff. It’s time to quit being half-here, half-there.

Whatever you need to do, do it with drive, with passion, to the best of your ability. Do it as though you have do a presentation before God and explain it to him. Do it as though you’d feel incomplete if you don’t put your best in it. Dedicate yourself to whatever you are tasked with. Allocate the time you spend half watching TV and half looking for people on facebook, to your work. The personal satisfaction you’ll feel is not the only result. You won’t have half-baked, just good enough shoddy work attached to your reputation. And oh yes! Even God will be pleased with the dedication and it will  spread to all areas of your life! I’m starting to dedicate myself fully today! Are you with me? XOXO

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