What Are You Spending Time On?

Today is my birthday so I will share a lesson I’ve come to appreciate regarding time and how it is spent. There was a time I was unemployed, and I spent a good chunk of my time watching TV, eating, visiting friends to discuss the same old issues, and simply just created a routine around nothing in particular. Yes, I applied for jobs as often as I could but once I was done sending out applications, I stayed glued to the TV following reality shows and watching friends for the umpteenth time. In retrospect, I realize that I spent all that time doing nothing even though I could have sought out some ‘free’ opportunities.


 Many of us spend a lot of time doing nothing in particular. Our days are filled with nothing, and we unknowingly dig ourselves into a pit of emptiness. We spend time gossiping about people who are busy living their lives, or we spend time watching them when we could be pursuing knowledge. It was during my period of unemployment that I found out about some free online courses that could increase my knowledge in areas of interest. It was during that time I learned I could liaise with experienced professionals in my field, and come up with groundbreaking ideas to propel me forward. It was during that period I realized I could pursue knowledge and discover my true purpose in the face of an adverse economy.

So the question I pose to you today is “what are you doing with your time?” “How are you living your life?” Are you so dedicated to the television, you spend six hours glued to it? Or do you spend your time with friends who feed you with unnecessary gossip? If that’s what you’ve been doing with your time, you are wasting your life, and it is time to put an end to such wastage.

Spend your time pursuing knowledge; spend your time discussing ideas that can catapult you to greatness. Spend your time in the company of people who are in the business of visible progress. Spend your time on free opportunities, even if they do not seem relevant to where you are at the moment. Knowledge gained is never useless. Spend your time wisely. Discipline yourself to turn off the TV after a couple of hours. Discipline yourself to pursue what’s necessary rather than dwell on something absolutely irrelevant to your progress. Time is an expensive resource. Do not waste it.