Celebrate Others!

There are times when it seems like nothing we wish for is coming to fruition. No matter how hard we work, it seems like the universe is conspiring against us. So when people come with news of their successes at such times, it is difficult for us to celebrate with them. Sometimes, the success of others can remind us of our own failures, but I have learned to celebrate anyway.


There is something about genuinely celebrating with others that gives you indescribable peace. It seems when we genuinely allow ourselves experience the positive vibes of other people’s success, we are reminding God that we are faithfully waiting on him to show up. When we genuinely celebrate the success of others, we are telling God we trust him to turn things around for us too.

If you’ve been ignoring the success of others, or failing to appreciate them for how far they have come, it is time for you to change your attitude. It is time for you to stop indulging bitterness, and start soaking in gratitude on behalf of others. Have no doubts; your breakthrough is coming!