Rise Up For the Sake of Others

I was studying my bible one night when I came across the scripture in Joshua 1: 12- 15. Joshua urged the Israeli tribes that had settled on one side of the Jordan river to help the other tribes cross over to their allocated lands. The Israeli tribes did not leave their families and friends to go fight for their land alone. They joined forces with them to help them succeed.  I was surprised to find this instance in the bible even though a sound moral code suggests it is the right thing to do. It is disheartening though to find that many friendships disintegrate because of the lack of implementation of this principle.

When many of us succeed or reach a place of comfort, we struggle to help others. We struggle to share the right information with them, or alert them to available opportunities. We often struggle with the idea that they might be as successful as we are, so we create a wedge between us and them, and sometimes we go to the extent of pointing out their failures and making fun of them.

If you have been doing this, it is time to stop! Rise up on behalf of others and come to their assistance. Stop worrying about the possibility of them succeeding better than you! Stop trying to suppress them while you climb higher. Rise up on their behalf and give them the help they need to succeed too. You will not lose your success by helping someone else. A candle never loses its light by lighting another candle.