Personal Growth

Beware of the News Bearer!

There are people who are news bearers. They come to you to inform you about the latest in someone else’s life. They come around to laugh at the negativity in the lives of others. They come around to highlight the flaws of others, and they know every single detail of other people’s lives. Beware of such people!

Beware of friends who always have negative things to say about others. Beware of those who are constantly sharing the negative happenings in the lives of others. Beware of those who always come with news. They are simply wasting your time!

I often have to ask what we gain by sitting around and tearing others down. What do we gain by discussing every detail of someone else’s life, and speculating about the events of their lives?  Absolutely nothing! We lose precious time entertaining news bearers. We lose precious time gossiping unnecessarily. We lose precious energy draining ourselves in the lives of others. Stop being the news bearer, and stop entertaining news bearers. Except you’re discussing to appreciate the successes of others, stop indulging news bearers!