What’s your legacy?

Are you aware that no matter how insignificant you may seem in a large crowd of people, there is someone watching you, and secretly looking up to you? So many of us fail to understand that even though we are not as successful as we would like to be, there are people who are admiring us, and hoping to achieve what we’ve achieved. Do you know that someone out there is looking to emulate your courage and your faith? Someone out there is looking to emulate your attitude towards life; someone out there is looking to grow into the person you are.


This is why it is important to assess your legacy. If a person was to walk in your footsteps, where would you lead that person to? To success? To a place of little? To abundance? To hostility? To emotional immaturity?

Assess your legacy. Where are you leading those who are looking to be like you? If you are leading them to immaturity, lack of emotional intelligence, expression of insecurities, lack of confidence, etc. then you need to change direction. Not just for their benefit, but for yours too!