Drop the starter pack mentality

“Everyone has to start at the bottom” – This is a statement many of us mentally adhere to without understanding the limiting effect it has on our vision and our drive. We develop what I call the starter pack mentality.

“If I can just get minimum wage for starters”

“If I can just get the least opportunity to succeed…”

The starter pack mentality eats into the hearts of many people because they are afraid to want more. Many of us even feel the need to justify our desires. We feel the need to justify why the worst bottom of all is just not satisfactory for us. Afterall, other people started there.

Understand this: Your journey is different from that of others, and you should not aim to justify what you wish for. Stop aiming for the lowest starting point. Stop aiming for the starter pack. Stop aiming for the least. Stop limiting yourself with the mentality that everyone starts at the bottom. The ’bottom’ is  subjective.