Personal Growth

Get Rid of False Confidence

Confidence is an important attribute to have is you intend to get far ahead in life. If you want people to notice your talents and appreciate you for them, you must be confident. If you want to be respected by others, you must be confident. To fulfil your purpose on earth, you must be confident. Confidence is an attribute you cannot replace with any other. It is an important character trait that will endear you to the right people and connect you with those who are willing to aid your success.

There is such a thing as false confidence, and that is what many people thrive on. If you walk into a room, meet up with your friends or even find yourself in a public place full of other people on the same mission as you, and you only feel good when you’ve found flaws in everyone else, you are far from confident. What you have is false confidence. False confidence comes from comparing ourselves with others and only feeling good about ourselves when we realize we have something they don’t have. False confidence is easily shattered if we come in contact with someone who’s better at something than we are, and it doesn’t even have to be something important.

Get rid of false confidence. It is an illusion your mind has created based on those around you. Cultivate the habit of not seeking out flaws in others, or feeling the need to put them down in order to highlight your achievements. Stop comparing yourself with others; someone out there has more money than you do, has achieved more than you have, is well-travelled, and has everything you don’t. False confidence is a fragile piece of glass- easily shattered and trust me, the cracks show. Accept who you are, embrace who you are. You are good enough just as you are.