You are Full of Light

There are two sides to every one of us – a dark side that often peeps out when we are going through a lot. This is the side that will make you consider an indecent proposal, or make you want to exert revenge on someone who has not exactly offended you. It is that side that makes you replay things in your head in order to work up enough anger for no just cause. It is the side of you that wants to yell at people who you’d normally be lenient with.

On the other side, there’s light. There’s that side of you that wants to understand what everyone is going through. That side where you find that you are at peace even though nothing is working according to your plan; that side that fills you with joy when a person achieves success, and makes you want to celebrate even more than the celebrant.

Sometimes, both sides clash, and we get confused as to who we really are: demons or angels, or a disturbing combination of both. It depends on which side you let dominate you.

No matter how unlikely it may seem to you right now, know that you are full of light! You are full of good things; you are full of peaceful vibes; you are full of grace and kindness. You are full of forgiveness and love. You are full of light. Let light dominate you. Let light lead. Suppress your dark side by choosing light. You are full of light. Let your light shine!