Daily Devotional

Can You Trust Mr Tightrope Walker?

Could the tightrope walker really do what he claimed he could….walk across Niagara Falls on a thin wire?  The growing crowds on both the Canadian and American sides of the falls held their breath as he took his first step, then his second, and his third, until much to their amazement, he made it across the enormous span!

“Do you believe I can walk across these falls on nothing but a wire?”  The man asked the crowd.

“Yes!”  They yelled in unison, “We just saw you do it!”

The man nodded, grabbed a wheelbarrow, and proceeded to walk across the wire.  The crowds watched with mouths open wide and breaths held.

A loud cheer erupted when the tightrope walker successfully completed his task.

“Do you believe I can push a wheelbarrow across this wire?” the man addressed the crowd once more.

“Yes!” they answered once again, “We just saw you do it!”

The man then selected a friend from the crowd.  With the friend in the wheelbarrow, the man once again proceeded to push it across the wire suspended over Niagara Falls, while the hushed crowd watched in amazement.

This time, the crowd erupted in a thunderous roar when he reached the end of his perilous trek.

“Do you believe I can safely push someone in this wheelbarrow across this wire?”

“Yes!”  The enthusiastic crowd replied without hesitation.  “We just saw you do it!”

“Okay then, who wants to go next?”  Without a raised hand, the crowd fell silent.

Aren’t we all like the crowd? We often watch God perform miracles in the lives of others. We watch God carry others in a wheelbarrow and walk across a huge span. We watch God do the impossible, yet when the time comes to trust him and get in the wheelbarrow, we refuse to raise our hands. We are too scared we might fall even though we’ve seen God come through for other people countless times. We’ve seen God catch many people when they took a leap off the edge of a cliff, yet we are too scared to take that kind of leap.

Understand this: God will always catch you. God will never let you fall out of the wheelbarrow no matter how thin the rope is. God will always come through for you. God will always have your back. Get in the wheelbarrow and let God take you across the chasm. God’s love never fails.