Jump Off the Bandwagon

I have come to learn that it is important to choose your friends rather than letting them choose you. Choosing your friends means making a conscious effort to assess a person before you decide if you should be friends with them or simply acquaintances. Perhaps you haven’t done that in the past, and now you find yourself on a bandwagon you did not bargain for.  Perhaps you decided to not be obsessive about who you let into your life, and now you find yourself constantly dealing with drama, gossip, backbiting, and everything else you did not plan for. It is time to jump off the bandwagon.

Stop letting others take you on a ride of drama and gossip. Stop letting the hate of others become your own hate. Don’t let the gossip song of others become your song. Don’t become initiated into something that does not have anything to do with you. Don’t be taken for a ride you did not plan for; don’t be taken for a ride that’s against your values. Jump off the bandwagon now, and reassess the people you’ve let into your life. Are they taking you on a ride you feel forced to enjoy, or are they adding value to you?