Lukewarm is no Good

A lukewarm attitude is the perfect recipe for a mediocre life. It is the best trait that makes you a pawn for others. It is the perfect road to nowhere in particular. A lukewarm attitude is one where you are simply unaffected by anything – progress, opportunities, vision, dreams, etc. People with lukewarm attitudes are usually unaware of it because they tend to constantly preach God’s timing without taking any action at all. Like I said in the post  [insert put your faith into action link here], you cannot have faith without taking any action. God can do his part without our help, but we must also do our part. A lukewarm attitude is not bothered by a situation that is spiraling out of control (which can be a blessing in a way), but at the same time, an individual with such an attitude cannot be bothered to seize opportunities when they arise.

Lukewarm people are easily manipulated by life, negative emotions, and the actions of others. This is because lukewarm people don’t stand for anything in particular so they fall for everything.

Get rid of your lukewarm attitude. Know your values and stick by me. Know your vision and stick to it. Know your dream and aim for it. Stop being unaffected. Stop letting opportunities pass you by. Stop letting others dictate your life. It is your life to live, not theirs. Aim for your personal goals, seize the right opportunities, or really any opportunity that tickles your fancy. Afterall, you don’t know which dream you fight for will make you complete.