Make Some Noise!

What are you aiming for? What’s that big dream you want to achieve? What is the vision your heart beats for? Whatever it is, make some noise. We live in the age of discovery. Some of the highest paying artists were discovered on YouTube; no trail blazer actress got a role by simply acting in front of her mirror and not attending auditions. Many fashion bloggers were discovered because they were tenacious in sharing their blog links, and encouraging friends to share with other people. It is the age of discovery so take advantage of it.

In other words, put yourself out there. Don’t be too caught up in what people might think of you if you start to blow your own horn and expose your awesomeness. I’m not asking you to be arrogant. No. I’m asking you to embrace what you are good at, and be confident in sharing it with others. I’m asking you to make that YouTube video. I’m asking you to accept that invitation to speak in front of a crowd. I’m asking you to embrace what makes you unique. I’m asking you to position yourself where you can be discovered. Make some noise!

 These days, the world wants people who mask their insecurity in so-called humility. There is nothing humble about masking what you are good at. There is nothing humble about belittling yourself to make other people feel comfortable around you. Put yourself out there! Use the tools you have in your hand to put yourself out there. Sometimes, the next step to your greatness lies in how effectively you express your awesomeness to others. Don’t hide; be proud of who you are and the talent you’ve got.