Awaken the Giant Within!

There’s a saying I’ve read a few times – “Some people die at 25 and only get buried 50 or more years down the line.” Many people are dead inside, or to use the words of a dear friend, “people are hibernating.” Of course the big question is how do you know you are hibernating?

You’re hibernating if you are stuck in a rut, waking up every morning with no sense of purpose for the day. You are hibernating if you do not know why you exist, and you’re simply living a life to build someone else’s dream. You are hibernating if you are not excited about your life in any way. You’re hibernating if you are beginning to lose your taste for life; you are hibernating if you cannot understand why you need to get up every morning. It is time to stop hibernating and start living deliberately.

Living life deliberately means you stop being a pawn in the game of life. It means you stop letting the actions or inactions of others steer your life. It means you make a conscious decision to go for what makes you happy. You don’t have to walk in the footsteps of someone else. You don’t have to take the advice of everyone around you. You don’t have to surf on someone else’s wave. You can make your own wave!

It might take some time for you to realize what you ought to do, or how you should go about it, and that’s OK. Don’t obsess over it. Simply open yourself up to the adventures coming your way. Step out of line, and deliberately live a life of impact. Stop going with the flow, and start making your own waves. You are a giant; you should not live your life like a dead leaf on a lake. Awaken the giant within you! Deliberately choose to pursue your dreams; deliberately choose to work towards achieving your purpose. Deliberately dare to be different! Deliberately decide against mediocrity. You are a giant! Make things happen!