Personify Fear

Sometimes playing the what-if game can be terrifying even if the consequences of the worst case scenario are not that bad. This is because fear sometimes becomes so deeply rooted in the mind, no matter how you choose to look at it, everything appears to be a house of cards in free fall mode. It’s time to personify fear. Give fear a name. Imagine what fear looks like, imagine fear standing next to you ready to stifle your dreams. You’re probably thinking huh?!

Here’s the thing: it is very difficult to confront fear because fear is not something you can see. It is a battle that goes on in your mind. The abstract nature of fear makes it difficult to confront it; hence you should personify it. Give it an image you can confront, an image you can yell at, strangle and lash out at. Then you can stand up to it. Stand up to your fear today. It’s nothing more than an abstract state of mind that holds you prisoner only for as long as you let it. Know this for a fact: Your worst fear will most likely never become a reality.