What are you Afraid Of?

If you have fear in you, believe you have all its family members residing rent-free in different sections of your brain, heart, spirit, mind, and anything else that makes you who you are. Fear does not visit on its own; it comes with a legion of other negative emotions – anxiety, stress, insomnia, the wilderness mentality, hopelessness, ‘lovelessness’, lack of interest in life, and loads of panic attacks.  Many people are afraid but don’t know what it is they are scared of. Fear can be so crippling, it threatens every move you ought to make towards a better life.  If you want to face your fears, you must be ready to know exactly what you are afraid of. Sometimes, the things we are afraid of are inconsequential; even when they happen, we will not be as badly affected as we think.

Today, make a list of every single thing you are afraid of. Think of every tiny little detail no matter how insignificant it may seem and write it down. Then underline those fears that threaten your progress or keep you from taking the next step. Failure? Lack of faith in yourself? Whatever it is, ask yourself the key question: why are you afraid? Play the Dr. Phil’s what-if game where you ask yourself “what if… [insert the scenarios that terrify you] and play what the outcome of the worst case scenario would be. By doing this, you will find that the consequences of some worst case scenarios are not as terrible as they seem. You might even find that you won’t be worse off than you were when you first decided to take the step into greatness.