Perfection Takes Time

A man went to a restaurant, and while browsing through the menu was attracted to the chef’s specialty section. He settled for one of the dishes, ordered a drink, and waited for his dish. While he waited, many other customers filled the restaurant, and their dishes were served with alacrity. Puzzled, hungry and obviously pissed, thinking perhaps the waiter did not communicate his order to the chef, he asked to speak to the manager.  When the manager arrived, he expressed his frustration at the fact that people who arrived after him had been served while he was still waiting. With a smile and a calm tone, the manager said to him “Sir, specialty dishes take more time.”

Are you at that point where you’re wondering why everything is taking so long? Are you perhaps tempted to change your order because what you truly desire seems to be taking too long? Are you tempted to settle for a mundane dish because the specialty dish is taking too long? Don’t settle! Don’t be in a hurry! Yes, many people may arrive after you and get served before you. Trust that something more special is in the works for you. Don’t be in a hurry simply because you want to eat with the masses. Be patient; perfection takes time.