Be Open to New Experiences!

The most dangerous place you can be in life is your comfort zone. People die in their comfort zone; they are alive but not living. Some people are simply existing. They wake up in the mornings and go about their usual day. They live in a bubble that makes them comfortable. They are alive but have no impact. They can’t feel the excitement of their purpose anymore. They are like pawns in a game of chess, and worse is that they don’t know who the players are.

If you want to win in life, you have to be open to change. There is no doubt change is scary. Leaving your comfort zone is probably the scariest thing you will ever do, but it must be done if you intend to move forward in life. Be open to new experiences. Be spontaneous. Be ready to make that move; be ready to go study that degree; be ready to take that job that scares you so much because you feel inadequate. Take chances; open yourself up to new things. The most amazing things in life happen when you step out of your comfort zone. Change is the only constant thing in life; make it your friend.