God’s Love Is Unconditional

How many times have you tried to pray but felt like God is not listening because of something you did wrong a few days before? It is natural to feel that way. As humans, when we hurt our friends or wrong them in any way, we figure they won’t answer our calls or respond to our texts, and really some of them don’t. Even after we apologise, they stick their noses up in the air and let us feel the full weight of our sins. But that’s not God!

Irrespective of how badly we behave, or how terribly we disappoint, God’s love never ever fails. No matter how much we upset him, no matter how much we push him away, God’s love remains with us. God’s love is not dependent on who we are, or what we can or cannot do. God is not that teacher that has a favorite student. God does not choose the most able or most beautiful. God loves you irrespective of what you have done, what you look like and the many times you have failed. God loves you even while you are doing something wrong. That is why your heart whispers ‘this is not right.’ Even if you go ahead and do it, God still loves you. Nothing can separate you from the love of Christ, nothing! Not even if you run away! His love is in the deepest darkest waters; His love is in the strongest waves; His love is at the mountain tops; His love is in the clouds; It’s in the rain; It is in the storm. Nothing, I tell you, can separate you from God’s love!