Pray for Yourself

In the midst of life’s excitement, travails, and everything in between, prayer is sometimes at the bottom the to-do list. Who has time to pray when there is so much happening? Besides, what difference would prayer make when the universe turns its back on you and you’re left in a confused state of mind?

Do you know a simple sentence of prayer each day can lift the clouds, and make the sun shine into your life? We underestimate the power of prayer because we see it as a religious activity that we ought to fulfill. Prayer is not about religion; it is about communication. Prayer is a discussion; it is a two-way conversation. When you pray, you receive a response. You can feel the response by the peace that overwhelms you; you can hear the response in the still small voice that reassures you. You can appreciate it when your instincts warn you.

Prayer is not necessarily a lengthy discussion filled with mindless ramblings. Prayer is a deep and necessary connection with God. Take some time out to pray for yourself; take some time to communicate with God. Irrespective of how you feel about yourself, irrespective of how terribly things have turned out, irrespective of how difficult it is to turn your life around, irrespective of how hopeless your situation is, say a sentence of prayer. It might not shake the earth at that moment; nothing might change for a period of time, but believe me when I say prayer is the fuel you need to get things moving. It’s just a matter of time before you see how your little prayer brings about great results.