Daily Devotional

Stop Looking At What Others Are Doing

Distractions are a part of everyday life, and sometimes they are more alluring than purpose. It is very easy to get carried away by what others are doing, rather than focusing on what you should be doing. Without knowing it, your focus shifts from the important things that are deeply connected to who you are, to things you can do without. The truth is we sometimes get so engrossed in the lives of others, their success pace, their achievements, and their perceived happiness, that all we can focus on is our shortcomings (no thanks to facebook and instagram).

If you keep staring at your shortcomings,  that is all you will ever see. If you are keeping tabs on someone else’s life,  that is all you’ll ever be able to think and speak about. Shift your focus inwards, not outwards. Everything you need to succeed in life has already been deposited in you! You cannot tap into it if you keep focusing on what other people are doing. You cannot move forward if your heart is focused on what others are achieving. All you’ll achieve is abandoning your purpose, while trying to recreate their lives as yours. Sadly, because that’s not what you are built for, you’ll find yourself failing miserably at it. If by chance you succeed at recreating someone else’s purpose as yours you’ll manage to fool others, but deep inside, you’ll feel the overwhelming emptiness. Start looking inwards, stop comparing, stop looking at what others are doing as a yard stick for your success.