Do Not Apologize

How often have you felt the need to ‘tone it down’ in order to accommodate your friends, your acquaintances, your colleagues or even your spouse? There is no doubt that all relationships, friendships included require some level of compromise, but that compromise should not be your innate awesomeness.

Your talent will make some people around you uncomfortable. So instead of pushing you forward, they either fold their arms to see if your uniqueness is enough to take you to the great heights you dream of, or they try to make you see why your uniqueness is not sufficient. Sometimes it is because of jealousy; sometimes, it is because they don’t believe in you enough. Many times, it is because they feel you are blowing your own horn too loudly. Whatever the case may be, never apologize for your talents. Never apologize for being good at something. Your awesomeness is your uniqueness. It is what sets you apart from everyone else, and if your friends do not want you to express it, or fail to acknowledge it when you do, then you need to weaken those bonds. Embrace your uniqueness.