Weaken Some Bonds; Break Some Bonds

There are people you are connected to that are simply like an anchor is to a ship. They won’t let you move anywhere; they want you to stay in the same spot simply because they have no plans to move farther than that spot. These are the bonds you need to break! Assess all your connections; what impact do they have on your life? What role are they playing in your progress? Are they helping you up or holding you down? Are they pulling you back or pushing you forward? These are the questions you need to answer honestly in your assessment of your relationships. Are there people who are constantly highlighting your limitations? Are there friends who are constantly pointing out your flaws or stylishly putting you down to elevate themselves? Weaken and break those bonds! You don’t need that kind of energy in your life. Some people cannot fit into where you are heading, so it’s best to save them the strain. Spend less time with anchors; choose to sail instead.