Break Up With Negativity

Negativity is like an emotionally abusive spouse that preys on the psychological and emotional shortcomings of its victims. Just like many abused individuals find it difficult to leave because they have been fooled into believing they are at the best place they could ever be, it is very difficult to leave a relationship with negativity. Difficult, but not impossible. To break up with negativity, you need more than an attitude adjustment or a few ‘pick me ups’ a day. You need the psyche of a warrior! You see, negativity won’t just let you walk out the door because you feel like it’s time to up and leave. Negativity won’t just release you from its grasp because you ask politely. You must take a stand, command and fight negativity out of your mind!

The battle against negativity is an active one that can only be won by a warrior who is ready to win at all costs! Sometimes you need to stand in front of the mirror and loudly renounce negative thoughts! When negativity tries to creep in through the backdoor, it must meet you waiting with a whip ready to trash its ass out onto the streets! Speak to negativity; laugh in negativity’s face, shut negativity out, and the only way you can do this is to remind yourself that you were created for a purpose. You were created out of love, and not boredom. God did not place you here on earth because of an above-optimal oxygen concentration. You are here for a purpose and negativity is out to distract you from achieving it.