Hear Your Circle

Sometimes, negativity is a result of thoughts and opinions of a collective group. Hanging out with negative people, no matter how positive you are will dampen your positivity. There are friends, family members, colleagues, bosses, and so other people in your life that can plant seeds of negativity based on their experiences and opinions. Do not let the reality of negative people become your reality. You must stand firm and believe that irrespective of how bad they think life is, things can be different for you. Think of your mind as a fertile garden. Whatever falls on it will grow; which means you must be careful about what you let others plant in your mind. You must be alert to whatever they are dumping on your mind. If you are not alert, thorns will grow amongst your vegetables, and some of them might even overpower your vegetables. Be positive. Throw out negative thoughts as soon as they are dumped.

Negativity sneaks into your life in the form of mob mentality. It does not help that many people these days are scared to have opinions of their own for fear of being abandoned by their friends. Hence they develop a collective mentality that matches those of the most influential person in their circle. Unfortunately, once they are alone, they find it difficult to shake it off like Taylor Swift and revert to their individual opinion. Listen to what your circle is saying about life, and refute any negative collective mentality. It is easy to be pulled down into the negative perceptions of others, especially if they are dear to us but you must fight that force! Yes, we all have blue days, when we really just want to complain endlessly. That becomes a problem when we make it a way of life. It becomes a problem when we do not combat negative proclamations by friends and family with positive declarations. It becomes a problem when we want to be so diplomatic, we find ourselves having pity parties everyday and hating our lives. Negativity is a very comfortable lazyboy couch, and you might find yourself stuck in it for years, unable to lift your butt simply because you did not jump up the first chance you got. Don’t get sucked in!