Hear Yourself; Conquer Yourself

Do you know it is possible to have negativity as a default mindset and be unaware of it? Negativity creeps in while you are not paying attention, sets up its bed, desk and shelf, and makes itself at home. In other words, negativity becomes a default mindset when you tend to focus on the things that haven’t gone right in your life as opposed to the many things that have. Negativity comes from comparing yourself to others, and feeling they are better off because they have something you want really badly. This might make you feel like you are unlucky, forgotten, like life is conspiring against you, and you are constantly on an uphill climb. You’ll find yourself saying things like “Well, it probably won’t work out”, or “if my luck is anything to go by, this won’t simply fall into place for me.” That is how negativity establishes itself as a legal tenant in your head without paying rent.

Image credit: dailymanagementdaily.com

Try to listen to what you say to yourself. Take note of the times you expect a negative outcome from something; compare it to the times you were a little positive. What’s the frequency of occurrence? If your negative expectations are higher than your positive expectations, then you need to conquer yourself. You need to literally start biting your tongue whenever you are about to utter a negative word. You need to start renouncing negative thoughts in your head outrightly. You need to start reassuring yourself that positive things will happen to you; and all of these must be done by saying it out loud till your brain echoes it, and your mind can’t help but believe it!