Identify Your Purpose

I read an interesting quote on a blog once. “Loneliness is not an absence of people; it is an absence of purpose.” Such a simple quote yet with an undeniably indepth meaning. Loneliness is an absence of purpose. We get lonely even when we are in the midst of people; we feel out of depth and sometimes lack genuine happiness even in the midst of relatives. If you have been feeling this way, understand that nothing is wrong with you. It is God’s way of telling you your purpose is in dire need of your attention.

You know when God wants to take you to another level, He will make you uncomfortable wherever you are. This discomfort is not necessarily an urge for something bigger. Sometimes, it comes in the form of dissatisfaction with your life as it is. It comes in the urge for a horizontal move, not necessarily a vertical one.  You start to question where you are and what you are doing. You start to realize that you are not well-centered, and you are missing something. One you start to feel this way, you have arrived at a good point in life.

So the big question is “How do I know what my purpose is?”

Well, I’ll tell you now that it might not come in the form of a “Kumbaya” moment. It might not be the big epiphany you might be expecting. It might even be something you’re already doing but not giving enough commitment to. To put it simply, your purpose is how you make an impact. Your purpose is what you enjoy doing so much, you wouldn’t mind doing it for free. Your purpose is not necessarily your day job; it could be something extra. If you are lucky, it could become your career, but don’t assume from the beginning that it is. I found the image below very useful for working out purpose. What are you waiting for? Get started!