Action Plan for Change

New Year resolutions are not simply about attitude adjustments. They also contain some material goals we aim to achieve; a new car, a new apartment, moving up the ranks in your career, and at work, etc. If you have not added your material goals to your resolution, now is the time to do so. Look at your list. What should take priority for achievement? Your attitude, that’s what! What are the behavioral traits that have been pulling you back? Are you afraid of success? Are you scared to shine? Are you worried your friends might not accept you anymore if you start to unashamedly express what makes you unique? Are you afraid to stand up for yourself? Are you scared of rejection, hence you don’t ask for what you really want?

Those thoughts and fears should be at the top of your list. If you do not address your beliefs, unlearn some deeply-rooted systems and detach yourself from self-destructive thoughts, you are not heading anywhere. You may find yourself worse off than you were last year. It is time for an action plan.

Challenge yourself to a battle you must win. Imagine yourself as a gladiator, thrown into the arena with other gladiators, and only man can be left at the end of the battle. You are that one man that must be left standing, and all your ill behaviors must be slain in the arena. Don’t let their seeming magnitude oppress you. Become more aware of your actions, and words, and be determined to pull yourself back when you’re about to slip back into old ways. This New Year, You can win!