Make a Resolution

Now that you have gone through the acknowledgement phase, you can make a resolution and easily stick to it. Acknowledgement brings things into focus that we would rather not want to deal with. But once we acknowledge the reasons for our failures in the past, we can forge ahead knowing fully well what our resolutions are about, and what we hope to achieve by them.

So what would you like to change about yourself? Are you looking to follow through on your goals? Are you looking to quit procrastination? Are you trying to be a better friend or spouse? Are you looking to stop gossiping, stop being judgmental, or stop presenting a façade to the world? Are you looking to be a better employee, move up the ranks, or simply manage your time better? Are you looking to conquer fear, pursue your passion, or focus on adding value to others? Make a resolution today.

Making a resolution is not simply about writing down a list you only look up every couple of months, or whenever you happen to stumble upon it. Of course, it starts with a list. You have to outline what it is exactly that you would like to change. But from there, it evolves. It evolves into a mental resolution. A resolution is a mental state that affects physical expression. In other words, a resolution is a behavioral adjustment that is so deeply ingrained in the mind, it is difficult to shake. It is an adjustment of the way you currently think, the way you see things, and the way you act. I’ll give you an example.

I unconsciously became a professional ‘complainer’. I had enough complaints for the entire world. I had no idea that I had absorbed the habit of complaining from people who were dissatisfied with whatever they had irrespective of how awesome it was. It took a lot of time for me to acknowledge that I was always complaining. In order for me to stop that habit, I had to readjust what my mind focused on. I had to deliberately give myself a mental pinch in order to quit the habit of complaining. It was not about writing a list. It was about shifting my focus.