Connect With Yourself

The locus of your behavioral identity should ideally be internal. However, as we grow older, we pick up bits and pieces from friends, family, our immediate environment, the media etc. All of these factors influence who we are, and in some ways, that is not necessarily a bad thing. The problem is when we pick up so much from others, we forget to connect with who we really are.

You’re probably stuck in a routine where your life is concerned. You find yourself aiming to fulfill everything on your to-do list. You wake up every morning, alive and well, but the possibility is that you are not living, you are simply existing. You are not listening to your heart, nor are you listening to your body. You are floating through life, so it is difficult to acknowledge anything. At the end of every day, you probably struggle to remember what you did, said or even your little achievements. It is time to start living! In order to acknowledge your shortcomings, you must first connect with who you truly are, and not with the bits and pieces you have borrowed from others. To acknowledge and change your shortcomings, you must stop functioning in auto pilot mode, and practice connecting with yourself every single day.

Start by spending ten minutes a day thinking about what you have done for the day. Think about your words, actions, interactions with others and your achievements for that single day. In those few minutes of concentrating on yourself in meditation, you might find that there were situations you could have handled better, work you could have cleared out of the way if you simply planned ahead, and a whole lot more you could adjust to better yourself. Connecting with yourself will help change the way you see certain things, and will reinforce your values in other areas. Connecting with yourself is a journey towards acknowledgement and change of adverse behavioral traits