The Power of Acknowledgement

It’s a New Year, and you have probably written your New Year resolutions just like you did this time last year. It’s a new beginning; a new opportunity to make things right. It is the perfect opportunity to work on all the things you failed to do last year; an opportunity to change the bad habits you seem to be stuck with. We all get swept away at the beginning of the year with the thoughts of possibilities and the many things we would like to change; but the truth is, as we ride the wave of possibility, we fail to acknowledge why we fell short of our own expectations the previous year?

We fall short of our aspirations because we often fail to acknowledge why we lost steam along the way. We fail to acknowledge the distractions that stole our time in previous years; we fail to acknowledge the fact that we somehow lost faith in our own aspirations along the way, and we definitely fail to acknowledge the possibility that we get swept away by the aspirations of others, we simply abandon ours.

There are no doubts life throws difficulties at us, and we become comfortable relapsing into old habits without even knowing it. Today is the day for acknowledgement. Acknowledge everything you do wrong when the going gets tough. Acknowledge the behavioral traits and trends that you tend to fall back into. Acknowledge the reasons you become discourages. Acknowledge the environmental factors that push you into despondence. This New Year, you are going to win. I am going to push you over the finish line. With motivation springs, I am going to equip you with the right tools to ensure you keep going. When you lose steam, this is where you refuel your mind. But in order to win, you must first acknowledge why you fail, and how you fail. Extenuating circumstances might be the culprits, but behavioral adjustments can push you farther. This is the time to get real. Drop the façade! Acknowledge the root of your failures, and together, we will change them. XOXO