Five Signs You’re a Bad Employee

It is easier to point fingers at a bad boss than it is to admit one is a bad employee. Very often, when asked why they do not enjoy their jobs, people are quick to indicate one of three reasons- the job is not in line with their passion but they do it just to pay the bills, the job is too stressful and leaves little or no time to focus on other aspects of life, or the most famous one of all- the big bad wolf of a boss.

I recently read a quote online that said “My personality is who I am, but my attitude depends on who you are”, and it got me thinking about the boss – employee relationship. Could it be that not all bosses are the big bad wolves we make them out to be? Could it be that their actions towards us are dependent on how we act towards them and the tasks assigned to us?

Here are five traits I picked out as traits of a bad employee.

  • You always arrive late: As an employee, it irks me to see other people who have a lackadaisical approach to punctuality. Arriving late every single day is a sign that you do not take your job seriously enough, and you just can’t be bothered to get out of the house a little earlier. Punctuality at the work place is key if you want to show you take your job seriously. Of course, there are those unforeseen issues with traffic that occur once in a while, but arriving late everyday is not OK.
  • You spend working hours checking social media sites or speaking on your phone: Let’s face it, phones are more addictive than they have ever been in history, and social media sites have a magnetic pull that we just can’t ignore. But as adults, there is such a thing as self-control. If you spend most of your hours at work checking who’s up to what on facebook or chatting with friends on WhatsApp, you are the worst employee ever. Not only are you wasting the company’s resources on personal effects, but you are also wasting the company’s time for which you get paid. Not cool
  • You don’t deliver on time: I believe every boss would prefer an employee that delivers ahead of time; such people might be annoyingly efficient but the fact that they are efficient is good enough reason to love them. If you are the employee that only delivers on Monday morning what should have been sent through on Friday evening, then you cannot expect to be in your boss’ good books. Yes, there are times when the flu hits unexpectedly, or when a family emergency distracts you, and you have a good excuse for not delivering before or on time. But when it is habitual of you to ignore the deadlines set at work because you feel your boss is being overly dramatic and just needs to take a chill pill or get laid, you’re a terrible employee.
  • You cross the line between professional and personal way too often: It is admirable to have a good relationship with your boss. As a matter of fact, it is a good way to boost your performance at work; if you understand your boss well enough to know what he or she needs you to do before they even ask, you are well on your way to being employee of the year. However, there is a thin line between anticipating and understanding your boss’ professional requests, and thinking you’re best buddies who should sit in bed together and comb each other’s hair while you listen to Taylor Swift. You know you’ve crossed this line when you start to have emotional reactions to professional decisions that are not in your favor or that of your team. So your boss believes the other team has a better pitch and wants to run with their idea, you don’t have any reason or right to flare up or break down in tears. Your boss is not your parent; he or she does not have a duty to hug you and tell you how special you are so suck it up and get to work. Passing lewd remarks masked as compliments is also a sign you have crossed the line. Unnecessary touching, personal gestures and unsolicited stories should be left at home. At work, stay professional.
  • You just can’t be bothered: There are people at work places who just can’t and won’t be bothered to do any actual work. They don’t understand what the company is for, and really can’t give any explanations as to why they are there. They drag their feet with every task and have a sullen look on their faces every single day. They have no enthusiasm for the job, and can’t understand why the others are so into it. If you are this kind of employee, please quit before your colleagues, or even your bosses catch the bug of your depressive complacency and start jumping from their office windows. As an employee, you cannot expect to get paid for work you are being begged to do. You cannot expect your boss to love you when you can hardly explain to a client what the company is about. You cannot expect to be employee of the month if you always walk around looking like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, and your job is not on your list of priorities

Employees and bosses alike should strive for better working relationships. Bosses need to understand they work with people, not robots or toys, and employees must understand that certain professional behaviors are expected of them in the work place. Many of us spend at least half of every week day at work, it only makes sense that we should strive to make the work pace conducive for work, not just for ourselves but for those who work with us as well.

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