Five Signs Your Man is Immature

Immaturity is a part of everyday life; I mean no one is 100% mature; sometimes, the smallest of things can bring out our immature sides, sending shock waves to our admirers and even ourselves. It is no secret that men and women of the same age tend to differ in levels of maturity. Women are more mature at a certain age than their male counterparts- why that is remains a debate. It might however explain why women prefer to date men who are older than they are, rather than date their age mates. I have never dated my age mate; even amongst male friends who are exactly the same age as I am, I tend to have spells of zoning out because I really cannot connect with what they are talking about anymore.

The survival of any relationship, good or bad, depends very strongly on the maturity of the parties involved. People tend to be forgiving towards an immature woman in a relationship with an older man; for some reason, such relationships can be salvaged.  However, when an immature man is in a relationship with a mature  younger woman, the chances of that relationship sinking like the titanic is way higher than you can imagine; I’m talking ‘speed of light’ type of speed here. How do you know your man is immature?

OK it’s not what you think; the fact that he doesn’t watch CNN all day or he sometimes makes funny faces, or speaks in an annoying tone of voice are not signs of immaturity. He might just be quirky like Howard from the Big Bang Theory, or have a terrible sense of humor like Sheldon. When his actions hurt your emotions, and he can’t see it, then you know, you’re right on the money with immaturity Here are the top five signs to look out for:

He Keeps Malice: Some women aren’t dating men, they are dating mini gods who have to be appeased by all means should they suddenly feel cross! An immature man is a man who sulks after an argument; as a matter of fact, he feels like he has been scolded, and like the little child he is, refuses to speak, and might even refuse to eat (hunger never kill am). In spite of incessant apologies, an immature man retreats to his shell no matter how small an argument is, and will only be back to his normal self after exerting the same amount of pain on his partner, either by giving her the silent treatment or by acting nice to another woman he knows would like to date him.

He’s caught in a personal fable: Just like children like to think they are the center of their parents’ lives (which they often are), and can get whatever they want, an immature man believes he should be the center of his woman’s life. As far as he is concerned, even his children should not steal his woman’s attention from him. These are the men who expect their women to dish out their meals if they wake up hungry at 2am, and serve it to them in bed. They are the men who expect to be cared for at every turn, without giving much thought to how detrimental their constant whining and demands affect their women. Think about a newborn toddler…get it? I hope so. In the heart of an immature man, he is all-important, and the world revolves around him. It can’t stop revolving else there will be lots of tantrums! Which leads to my next point…

He throws tantrums: Well, they might be the masculine type of tantrums where he complains bitterly about how you have not listened to him or catered to him as you should, but a tantrum is a tantrum, be it in a masculine baritone voice or a high squeaky tone. Men who throw tantrums are a no-no for mature women. Don’t even waste your time trying to endure it, you can’t. Sources of his tantrums can range from your job being too amazing, to you wanting to leave him at home while you go hang out with your friends. Again, think of the tantrums kids throw on their first day at school… get it? I hope so.

He cannot let go! People say women love to rehash past events and remind the offender (often the poor boyfriend who has apologized countless times) of his crime even months or years after it has happened! Well, my experience has shown men do the same! Immature men that is. So you snapped at him once when he was being irritating and you were going through PMS, an immature man does not forgive. Noooo! He bottles it up and waits till you are arguing about why Hitler was a bad influence, and then he says “that’s how seven months ago, at the mall, you snapped at me”. Yeah what’s the correlation with Hitler? But you know what they say, in the mind of an immature man, it is what it is. Immature men do not resolve issues, they can’t handle arguments; any argument to them is equivalent to being scolded by a parent, and they just can’t take it! They do realize at some point that you are not their parent, so they will remind you of every wrong doing. This is always a good time to pat them on the head, pack your bags and walk out the door. #CantDeal

He has unrealistic ideas of beauty and wealth: he might not watch the real housewives of Atlanta or be a fan of Love and Hip Hop, but the immature man is one who actually believes that every woman should look like a goddess. Shame on you if you fail to meet expectations- no pimples, no spots, no pigmentation, no stretch marks, no dry hair, no nothing unpleasant as far as he is concerned. The woman of an immature man must be a living image of an air-brushed super model at all times, even when she is asleep. The immature man loves to show off, even when he has nothing. The immature man is what I call ‘stupidly ostentatious’. He believes the most successful people in the world live a certain kind of lifestyle and he has to start living it now, even though he is not successful. His ideas of expenditure are tied up in wasteful ventures and liabilities and never in secure investments for his future.

The immature man is a pain in the butt; he is exhausting, and really is like having an adopted son who is older than you. He’s not the type of man to marry; you will spend your entire life making him happy like he’s your son. The immature man often lacks exposure and life experiences, he can be abusive, and often love to propagate an image of what he’s not. Do you have an immature man? Share your experience in the open or anonymously if you wish! The comments box is all yours! XOXO

5 thoughts on “Five Signs Your Man is Immature

  1. What an eye opener! I concur that “the survival of any relationship, good or bad, depends very strongly on the maturity of the parties involved”. As a man I can say that the 5 highlighted flaws can be noted and corrected with effective communication ..and ultimately save a salvaging relationship.


  2. I think the above piece might not all be true. I mean any guy who doesn’t want any blemish on his woman isn’t immature, he’s crazy. But what I don’t get in all this and would never get is why you think women get a pass on some things but not the man. You mean if a guy feels like he deserves something, he shouldn’t complain but just take it like a man and forget about it but the woman can nag til she gets it because she’s a woman.

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    1. This post is not about women getting a pass on nagging. Some behaviours are downright immature, be it on the male or female side of things. However, there’s a very thin line between making your dissatisfaction known as an adult, and throwing a tantrum like a child.


  3. Babe!!!! I dated a guy who was all of this. It lasted two months because I was thinking that maybe I was being too hard and then the malice started. Choi! I can’t even shout. I’d rather be single than deal with all of these nonsense

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