Men And Their Unrealistic Expectations

This last weekend was a rather interesting one. I spent time with new friends, and hung out with some of my old buddies. Like every gathering where both sexes are present, our conversation soon turned to issues around relationships and marriage. Of course, everyone had opinions and some people aired their expectations of relationships and marriage. I have to say the guys had the most interesting opinions and the most surprising expectations.

The first expectation I discovered over the weekend is becoming rather trendy is the ‘fresh food’ expectation. If you are wondering what that is, then you are a normal human being like me. If you already know what that is, *clearing my throat* I have no words. Now for those ladies who do not know what this expectation is about, I’ll explain. It’s when your husband or boyfriend requires you to prepare his food fresh every single day! It doesn’t matter if you have been slaving away at work all day, the mister prefers to eat fresh food only. Why? refrigerated food is an abomination, that may cause his stomach wall to collapse. This was the one expectation that had me wondering and pondering the entire weekend! How can any man expect his hardworking wife who is able to balance the home and her career to cook his food from scratch every single day. I am one of those people who cook twice or a maximum of thrice a week. I put my stews in the refrigerator and only make their accompaniments fresh when I want to eat. It’s quicker, easier, and gives me time to do other things like watching TV, taking a long bath and catching up on the latest gist with my girls. All that will be whisked into oblivion if I marry a man with  the ‘fresh food’ expectation. I will be standing in my work clothes, hovering over the stove, checking on the blender, and still be expected to deliver my best performance in bed at the end of the day. Not like I deal with stress at work….Nah…I just sit around while a geisha gives me a massage. Dear ladies, if this is one of your man’s expectations, I have just one advice for you- Avoid slave traders

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The second expectation is the ‘no weight gain’ expectation. I am sure this one is really popular; many of us have heard how men go on about women not gaining a single kilo during marriage, and many of us strive to live up to that expectation and we fail woefully. I am not advocating that women should let themselves go, not exercise and eat unhealthy, but for someone to make it a law for you not to gain weight? That’s beyond far-fetched, it’s a mission to defy nature. There’s more to weight gain than food sometimes- hormones, stress of cooking fresh food (yeah yeah), having kids….the list goes on. The funny thing is women don’t expect men not to gain weight. No no no… Men develop pot bellies, sweaty arm pits, teeth plagued by plaque, and generally tend to evolve into humba-bumbas. Does that mean we expect them to lose weight? Nah! We even rub that pot belly admiringly.

the-new-weight-loss-strategy-just-dont-gain-weightIt seems in relationships, we tend to hold different sexes to different standards. Would a man be OK with cooking fresh food for his wife everyday while she sits in front of the TV reading a newspaper? Certainly not any of the men I know! Are there any expectations people in general have of relationships that you find unrealistic? Do share! xoxo


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  1. I read the blog you posted this morning and it makes me wonde if the guys you are chatting with want a wife or their mum that they can probably sleep with at night.. Please inform them that men are created to display God’s glory and their spouse to display their glory.

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