In the shadow of His Wings

I spent the entire day yesterday exploring the beautiful town of Rhodes Greece. The island is awesome, lots of friendly people and loads of restaurants. I was taken in by the beauty of the blue ocean, the ancient buildings, the remains of Apollo’s temple…etc.

As the day went by however, the sun rose to a temperature that was hot enough to boil human flesh to an edible texture. I had some ice-cream to cool off but to no avail. A bottle of ice cold water did very little good. Loaded with all my shopping bags (yes, I haven’t kicked the shopaholic habit), I was beginning to feel weary and one thing was on my mind- my well air conditioned hotel room where I could take a bath, eat and sleep.

On the ride from the town to my hotel, I started to wonder about being in the shadow of God’s wings. The scorching hot sun for me represented life, and running for cover reminded me of how often we run to God only when life’s situations become unbearable.

As this thought crossed my mind, psalm 91 came to light- Those who dwell in the shelter of the Most High will abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

‘Those who dwell’… Not just those who stop for a drink or those who wave as they walk past nor is it just those who stand by the door, distracted by other things, forgetting to knock, it says ‘those who dwell’

We live in a tough world; we are often faced with less than pleasant situations, we get scorched, sometimes we even get burned and we forget one thing- we have a Father whose shadow alone is enough to keep us cool, protect us and even shield us from situations we can barely handle. You might read this and say ‘even those that trust in God go through hard times’, of course they do! How else will there be an increase in faith, a miracle beyond comprehension and favour beyond human comprehension? The beauty about dwelling in God’s shadow all the time is that you will experience peace even in the midst of the worst storms. Being in God’s shadow helps us develop a heart of gratitude. Why? We know that in the shadow of his wings, when the storms of life claim many hearts, our Heavenly Father will keep us calm, give us peace beyond our understanding and will pave a way before us because His word says ‘Those who trust in Him will never be put to shame.’

Don’t run away from the shelter of His wings or try to solve your problems by applying inadequate solutions proposed by those who have been sent to devour and lure into darkness. Stick to God. In the shadow of His wings, the storm will always end and you’ll be left unscathed.

It’s dawn in Rhodes and I’m still basking in the coolness of my air conditioner. Thankfully, the beach is just across the road from the hotel so I know where to cool off today.

Stay blessed ladies! Have a beautiful week ahead. XoXo

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